Digital Assets Trading Platform

Trading and Analytical Platform to support Trading and Exchange by leveraging price differences of identical Digital assets on different markets to create arbitraging. Platform also allows for Rewards and Loyalty.

Exchange Platform

Trading, Exchange and the Inter-operability among Exchanges. Create and communicate the documentation to the relevant Financial and Brokerage Institutions and establish the mechanism on Blockchain for Trade Financing.

Money Transfer Platform

The Blockchain Platform is integrated in 30+ Countries and allows for Settlement of funds. This will be driven by the Global Compliance Engine and Regulations in the Settlement Country as well as comply with global regulations

Global Correspondent Network

The Blockchain Platform is integrated in 30+ countries with a flexible and extensive settlement network.

Prepaid Card Platform

Card Platform to allow the loading and spending of multiple Currencies leveraging Prepaid Cards to be utilized at merchants and on ecosystems and marketplaces globally.

Digital Wallet with Integrated Blockchain Gateway

Allows for the Fluid exchange of multiple Currencies on the Wallet to enable payments.

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