Trading Platform with Arbitraging

Trading and Analytical Platform to support Trading and Exchange by leveraging price differences of identical financial assets on different markets to create arbitraging. Platform also allows for Rewards and Loyalty.

Exchange Platform

Promote ICO's, Trading, Exchange and the Inter-operability among Exchanges. Create and communicate the documentation to the relevant Financial and Brokerage Institutions and establish the mechanism on Block Chain for Trade Financing.

Agriculture Supply Chain

This Block Chain Platform incorporates principles of shifting Agricultural private market to Public market driven by Demand, while utilizing prowess of Blockchain technology to control the market indicators but with transparency and efficiency.

Global Correspondent Network

This Block Chain Platform will allow to integrate different countries with a flexible and extensive settlement network while being driven by the Global Compliance Engine and Regulations.

Prepaid Card Platform

Card Platform to allow the loading and spending of FIAT/Crypto Currencies leveraging Prepaid Cards to be utilized at merchants and on ecosystems and marketplaces globally.

Digital Wallet with Integrated Block Chain Gateway

Allows for the Fluid exchange of Digital Currencies on the Wallet to enable payments.

Agriculture Platform

Agriculture has been backbone of several developing Countries. It’s production and supply has been major concern not only in developing countries but also in developed countries as well. Several factors such as getting right price, getting right quality and Product details has been major concerns for consumers and producers. Blockgration Agriculture Platform is developing Agriculture Platform which can help to connect Farmers, Transport and Collection Center to provide the transparency to consumers and producers.

Blockchain Exchange Platform

Due to rise of different Cyrpto Currencies and Digital Currencies, need of Currency Exchange has grown drastically. As need of utilization of accumulated Crypto Currencies and Digital Currencies is in High Demand. Blockgration Curreny Exchange platform will provide the base to convert from Crypto or Digital to FIAT and vice-versa. And in combination with other Blockgration platform and products, Blockgration will provide customers to utilize FIAT and Crypto Currencies for Payments and Money Transfer with Compliance being at the heart of it.

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