Blockgration is utilizing its Global Platform Trading Technology and leveraging its crypto digital wallet with strong Cross Border capabilities with the intent to integrate several opportunities across the value spectrum. This will be achieved by leveraging strong relations with key stakeholders such as Smart Cities, E/M-Commerce Companies, Trade Financing and Trading Platforms, brMoney Transfers Companies maximize global customer acquisition.

Digital Currency

Platform for creating digital transaction - currencies and Remitiance, P2P Lending, E- Commerce

Record Keeping

Seamless record keeping of identity Ownership, proof of identity, IP– Loyalty programs


Trading of Equity, Commodities, Derivatives, Crowdfunding, Private Markets, Bonds

Smart Contracts

Secure Escrow, Numerous contracts, Consumer Privacy, Healthcare

Logistics and Trade Finance

Transportation, Internet of things, Content storage and sharing, logistics and supply chain

Governance Compliance

Enforcement of governance, access control, social services delivery, application process

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