Payment Platform

As Blockgration continues to deploy globally and integrates to Banks, Credit and Debit Card Providers, Wallets and Cash-In, it will become a gateway to allow Mobile Apps and Online Portals to use our Payment facilities.

Blometric Payments

With the growing need for different payment methods, we have developed a biometric payment solution where customers can make payments by just getting TM their fingerprint scanned using the biometric device available at the merchant's location.

NFC Payment

Our NFC payment solution allows customers to perform the transaction in ONE TOUCH. Our Tap & Go feature involves a closed loop NFC card, issued to customers which can used at NFC Terminals for Car Parking, Food Courts, Colleges, Societies, Theme Parks, etc.

Online Payment GateWay

We are integrating e-commerce & m-commerce merchants who are looking for the most efficient ways of reducing payment gateways costs.The market is very competitive and the only way to choose a payment gateway is to leverage the customer

Merchant App

The Merchant App allows the merchant to register and start accepting payments through the Blockgration Wallet immediately. In many countries, it is very tough for small merchants to run their business efficiently, as customers do not have cash but are capable of paying by cards or online. This will allow mobile payments to became one of the most attractive payment method. The Merchant App allows merchants to quickly receive payments through QR Codes and also through Offline Payment method. Having received payments through the App, merchants can transfer funds to their bank accounts through Push/Withdraw option.

Multi-Currency wallet

Our team has successfully implemented the Multi-Currency feature in the Digital Payment Platform. The intent is to provide a seamless Digital Payment Solution across the globe. The Multi-Currency Wallet allows customers to become KYC users across the globe and switch currency wherever needed. It also allows customers to buy recharge and make bill payments and other payments in many countries across the Globe. We have been continuously implementing Global Cross Border Merchants to provide additional features to our customers. The Platform is highly compliant and robust. We have directly implemented the platform with money remittance companies to allow customers to switch currency seamlessly.

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