Utilizing Technology

The Financial Industry is rapidly transforming with Fintech changing the industry period. Current Players in the market have developed products to solve niche problems and then attempt to expand the solution globally. For the most part it has remained highly localized.

  • Digital Currency

    Platform for creating digital transaction - currencies and Remitiance, P2P Lending, E- Commerce

  • Record Keeping

    Seamless record keeping of identity Ownership, proof of identity, IP– Loyalty programs

  • Securities

    Trading of Equity, Commodities, Derivatives, Crowdfunding, Private Markets, Bonds

  • Smart Contracts

    Secure Escrow, Numerous contracts, Consumer Privacy, Healthcare

  • Logistics and Trade Finance

    Transportation, Internet of things, Content storage and sharing, logistics and supply chain

  • Governance Compliance

    Enforcement of governance, access control, social services delivery, application process

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